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  • Pentair FreeFlo® - Single Speed Pump

Pentair FreeFlo® - Single Speed Pump

The competitive pump for in-ground and above-ground pools.


  • Single piece see-through Cam & Ramp lid for easy cleaning access and inspection
  • Large self-aligning basket to hold debris and easy maintenance
  • 50 mm swivel union fittings included for better sealing and easy installation
  • 90° rotatable pump discharge for customised installation.
  • Heavy duty TEFC motor for long life § continuous use, thermally protected
  • Full mono-block design for silent operation 1.5 m long cable included for ease of installation
  • Inlet/Outlet - 50 mm
  • Ø Unions - 50 mm ID.
  • Unions included - Yes
  • Salt resistancy - No


The Pentair FreeFlo Single Speed pump was specifically designed to be your best choice for a variety of above-ground and small in-ground pool applications. Thick walled body parts, a heavy duty motor, and highly engineered hydraulics make this rugged and tested design perfect for any pool. The FreeFlo is a mono-block design allowing it to run more silent and requiring less footprint space. FreeFlo is a drop in replacement for the Swimmey Pump series.


Key Features :

  • Self priming pump with prefilter for swimming pools.
  • Mono Block design for silent operation.
  • Single Piece, see-through Cam and Ramp™ lid for inspection of strainer basket and easy cleaning and maintenance access.
  • Large long life HDPE basket to hold debris, easy to clean.
  • Heavy duty, thermally protected TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Covered) motor IP55.
  • 50mm ID (Inner Diameter) Swivel unions for better sealing and more flexibility at installations.
  • Discharge is 90° rotatable.
  • Features   Benefits
    1⁄4 turn opening lid > Easy opening and locking
    XL pre filter basket > Easier and less-frequent maintenance
    Quick self priming > Quick and safe start of the pump
    Swivel unions included > Fit also with above-ground pools and  easy assembly
    Long cable included > Easier installation and direct plugging
    into power socket
    90° rotable pump discharge > Allow customized installation


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