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  • Griff Vision Guard Station
  • Griff Vision Guard Station

Griff Vision Guard Station

Lifeguard effectiveness is key for public water safety. The innovative Griff’s Vision Guard StationTM
is designed to increase lifeguard effectiveness by providing multiple guard positions and lines of sight, a maximum viewing edge, and dual access within a compact, easily moveable lifeguard station. Dual side access and wide deck allow uninterrupted coverage during shift changes. Steps are widely spaced for safe and quick exit. Cushion seat swivels and folds down to prevent UV damage and deter unauthorized use when not in use.


The Griff’s Vision Guard Station is available in 1-step, 2-step and 3-step models.

All models ship flat and assemble in minutes.

  1. Step I.D. No. 20340
  2. Step I.D. No. 20341
  3. Step I.D. No. 20342
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